Linggo, Disyembre 11, 2011

Future Battle

Joyce Meyer: Amen! That's right. This is Chris. Chris is a minister herself. I didn't tell her I was going to ask her to come up, so I hope I've helped you.

Chris: Just - lot of ways. On a personal level someone gave me a tape of yours about ten years ago in Joyce Meyer Ministries. There was a phrase on there that said: hurting people hurt people. For me it was like revelation. I was doing seminars in high schools and they were pre-evangelistic, so we weren't allowed to talk about Jesus but we did these whole seminars called, "hurting people hurt people" which just saw literally at that time tens of thousands of people in our state get this message. For me personally who came from a background of 12 years of abuse and being adopted, it was like the lights went off and suddenly I realized why in so many ways when I wanted to be helping people in Joyce Meyer Ministries, I was inadvertently hurting them, but it was because I was not dealing with stuff in my own life. That phrase alone kind of set me free and helped affect thousands and thousands of people.

Joyce Meyer: Thank you. Case in point. Now, I obviously didn't bring them up just to say: oh, look how good I am and how I'm helping all these people. I'm trying to make a point that I was abused sexually growing up. I had a wretchedly miserable life before being with Joyce Meyer Ministries. I was around alcoholism, violence, every kind of dysfunction that you could be around. I married the first guy that came along that would have anything to do with me and he had more problems than I had. That ended up in just a disaster. So I had a lot to overcome.

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